Designed With Purpose -
Built With Integrity In America
The Seed Saver, Squirrel Baffle, and single or multiple hang tops mount to this sturdy base. It comes in three sections.
Solid 5/8 diameter pin is welded into the top to provide a mounting location for the accessories. A short piece of pipe is supplied to place over pin when driving pole into the ground to protect it.
"Butterfly" shaped foot rests on the ground to provide exceptional stability - even in windy conditions.
The bottom is cut at an angle to make it easier to drive into the ground.
The height of the pole has been carefully thought out to place the feeder high enough for squirrel proofing and yet low enough for easy filling.
#FN-HP1 Single Mounting Pole with Seed Saver and Squirrel Baffle attached
Pole tops have tube to fit onto pin on base.
Single Hang Top
Mount to Base Pole
Stand Strong In Windy Conditons

Father Nature mounting poles are designed to stand straight through the wind and rain.  They are made of 7/8" diameter galvalized pipe with a .100" wall thickness.  The strong materials and versitle features make these mounting poles the best you can buy.